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Founder & Head Trainer

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Hannah is a CCPDT certified dog trainer, CPDT-KA, and rescue advocate from Wilmington, North Carolina.


Hannah became involved in animal advocacy at the age of 10 volunteering at local rescues. As the years continued, her passion for rescue and love of helping dogs only grew stronger. She continued to volunteer and support rescues while living in New York, where she began her training education.


Now residing in Los Angeles with her wife, Jane, and their four Wags and Walks rescues, Finn, Grey, Malcolm, and Marilyn, Hannah serves as Head Trainer of Pack Potential. 


Hannah continues to hone her training and rehabilitation skillset utilizing science based practices to create deeper connections between handler and dog.

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Head of Operations & Assistant Trainer

Jane is Head of Operations and Animal Care from New York City.

Having grown up with an AKC Breeder dog, Jane had very little knowledge or exposure to rescue until meeting Hannah in 2016.

Through hands-on volunteering and immersive exposure to animal rescue over the last 4 years, Jane has seen firsthand the misinformation and misconceptions about rescue animals, fostering, and adoption.

Pairing a passionate for dogs with entrepreneurship, Jane works to build the Pack Potential business and pursue every opportunity to strengthen the bond between owner and dog.


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aka Finndawg, Fincent, Finney, Finothy, & Fimberly

Finnley was our second Wags & Walks foster fail adopted in August 2018!


We've had this big brindle boy since he was just a wee babe and he has grown into a smart, athletic, happy-go-lucky good boy.

Finn is a key member of our pack and is fantastic at helping us teach our foster puppies. We embrace Finn as he is and support him in being the best canine companion and pet he can be.


We are grateful for this boy who has taught us so much about honoring the dog you have. 

aka Grupher, Gru, Grouper, Groupie, Grufasa, & Gruchelle

Grey was adopted from Wags and Walks in November of 2020. 

Grey came to us as a foster after being surrendered to Victorville Animal Shelter. 

Shut down but full of love and compassion, Grey stole our hearts from day one. Her depth and complexity is where she got her name as she is so many different shades of Grey.


Grey is a working dog at her core and is happiest when on a treadmill or practicing place with a pack. Grey never fails to make us laugh with her ridiculously, goofy antics.

aka SunPig, PigPig, MacDaddy, Shmalcolm, & Shmackelmore

Malcolm is our FOURTH Wags & Walks foster fail adopted November 2021. 


Malcolm was surrendered to a West LA shelter alone as a ~5-week old puppy likely due to his double "cherry eye" condition. Malcolm integrated into our pack almost immediately and roughly 3 days into fostering, he was here to stay.

Malcolm is an incredibly smart and hardworking dog and is already earning his stripes as a budding helper dog. Assisting our trainers, educating fosters and client dogs you may meet Malcom at your next session.

aka Mare, Black Beauty, Shmarilyn & MareBear

Marilyn joined our pack in July 2022 as yet another foster fail from Wags & Walks. 

Marilyn was a stray prior to arriving at Downey Animal Shelter. Marilyn's health was poor and a case of kennel cough worsened into pneumonia.

After a series of medical fosters, Marilyn came to us to continue to rest and recover and, like only a lady shepherd can, she stole our hearts and we knew she was here to stay.


Marilyn lives to work and help our trainers and other dogs, so you'll likely meet this girl at one of our training sessions!

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