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  • What kind of behavioral issues do you work with?
    Our team specializes in dog behavior and psychology. We work with everything from potty training and basic fundamental skills to reactivity, anxiety and aggression. We also work with undersocialized, fearful, excited, and high-drive dogs.  ​
  • Do you train all dogs the same way?
    No. We pride ourselves in individualized work depending on what each dog needs. While our training philosophy and foundation remains the same for all our trainees, we honor each dog for the individual they are and cater our training methods to each specific case.  ​
  • Do you train all kinds of dogs? 
    Yes! We have worked with all types of dogs including but not limited to small breeds, bully breeds, working breeds, and more. 
  • Do you use corrections in your training?
    Yes, but we provide dogs with plenty of direction prior to implementing any kind of correction. Our goal is to always use the least amount of pressure or correction possible, and to ensure each dog understands what is being taught.
  • What kind of training do you do?
    We primarily focus on behavior-based training as opposed to obedience. While the use of obedience is important, our goal is to create a calm state of mind and energy for long-lasting results, creating a balanced dog-human relationship.  We do not provide any certification-type of training such as service or therapy dogs, protection work, search and rescue, or similar.
  • Does my dog need a Board & Train?
    We require all New Clients to begin with an in-person consultation to determine what the best program is for you and your dog. Most behavioral issues can be solved with private sessions though we do recommend and offer Board & Train programs for more severe cases. 
  • Will a Board & Train Program fix my dog?
    No. A Board & Train is not a magic button or quick fix. While we can take your dog from an “F” to a “C” or even a "D" to a "B", it is your responsibility to take them all the way to an “A”! While this is the case, the dogs in our board and train programs establish a solid foundation and we do multiple sessions during the program to make sure both humans and dogs are set up for success following the program.
  • How many private sessions will I need?
    Since every dog's needs vary, we cannot tell you the exact number of sessions you’ll need prior to your Initial Consultation.
  • How often should we book training sessions?
    This is dependent on your dog's behavior and specific goals. For more intensive training, we offer sessions on a weekly basis but we tend to recommend 2-3 weeks in between each session. This gives you plenty of time to practice and implement what you learn during our training sessions before meeting again.
  • Do you offer e-collar training?
    We do offer e-collar training but only to those who are looking to improve their relationship with their dogs and take their training to the next level. We want to establish a solid foundation and work on the relationship between you and your dog prior to adding in an e-collar. If your dog has already completed a training program with us or has a solid foundation we may be able to introduce e-collar training earlier. This can be discussed in your Initial Consultation. ​
  • My dog needs training ASAP. How quickly can I schedule with you?
    We are a small team of trainers and typically book a minimum of 2-weeks out for private training depending on your location. Our head trainer is usually booked 3-4 weeks out. Weekends are our most popular time for private sessions so the wait for these tends to be longer. Board & Train programs book out 1-2 months in advance as we keep our numbers low to ensure each dog gets the appropriate amount of attention.  To get started, please fill out our New Client Form and our team will be in touch ASAP.
  • Do you offer boarding?
    Overnight boarding is reserved for clients only and we recommend booking your boarding a minimum of 2-weeks in advance. For major holidays, please book your boarding ASAP as these are exceptionally busy times and we are usually booking months out.  If you’d like to board your dog with us and are not a current client, we require an Initial Consultation prior to booking. Please fill out our New Client Form to get started.
  • What is your service area?
    We serve the Greater Los Angeles area. Our Head Trainer also offers Zoom sessions for those who are outside of our service area.
  • When is my payment due?
    For New Clients, your Initial Consultation fee is due at the time of scheduling to confirm your appointment. For Private Training Packages, we require a 50% deposit at the time of scheduling. The remainder is due at your final session. For Board & Train Programs, we require a 50% deposit at the time of scheduling to hold your spot. The remainder is due at the end of the B&T program.
  • I’m interested in becoming a dog trainer. Do you offer shadow programs?
    We offer shadowing on a case-by-case basis. Please email to inquire about shadowing opportunities.
  • Do you offer pick-up and drop-off services for dogs boarding or boarding and training with you?
    We do offer transportation services for a $20 per trip fee. I.e., if we are picking up and dropping off your dog, this fee would be $40 total.  If you are outside of our service area, this fee will be increased accordingly.
  • My dog has a bite record, can you still work with us?
    Yes. Depending on the case we may attend your Initial Consultation with two of our trainers to ensure everyone's safety. We will also ask your dog to remain leashed and/or muzzled prior to meeting. If needed, we can assist you with muzzle training via a paid Zoom session.
  • We can no longer keep our dog, can you help us re-home them?
    This is not a standard service we offer but you are welcome to reach out to to inquire. 
  • My dog is on medication and on a special diet. Can you accommodate these needs if we board or board and train with you?
    Yes. We are familiar and experienced with administering medications, vaccinations, and accommodating special dietary needs. Please be sure to inform us of any special diets or medications prior to booking.
  • My dog hates the crate. Can they still board with you?
    No. Due to our set-up, all dogs must be properly crate trained prior to staying with us. This means your dog should be comfortable in their crate both overnight and for approximately 4-hours at a time. You also must be practicing crating your dog while you are both home and out to create neutrality surrounding their crate. We can help with crate training in private sessions. 
  • Do you offer any discounts?
    Our private training packages have a small discount built into the price. We also offer a discount for extended boarding stays (2+ weeks). This does not apply to Board & Trains. Other discounts may be offered at our discretion on a case-by-case basis. If you are a rescue interested in working with us, please reach out to inquire about our Rescue Rates.
  • What are the requirements for training with you?
    We do require that all of our clients implement the use of a crate. The crate is a crucial part of our training and when used properly, acts as a safe space for your dog. If you are not willing to crate train then we are likely not the right fit. Other than that, we just ask that you are ready to learn and exercise patience – the training journey is often not linear but we will be here for you every step of the way!
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