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Those who have left paw prints on our hearts.

Lilah "Li" Grey

It is pretty safe to say that Lilah was one of those moments in life where the universe decided to wink at us and do an extra thing or two to be sure that she became a permanent part of our story. 

In the four short, but nonetheless, beautiful years that we had with Lilah, her kind soul, peaceful energy, cheeky character and loyal spirit permanently impacted our lives, the lives of each person, and the hundreds of dogs—that came through our door. Lilah was intelligent, gentle, compassionate, she was fiercely self aware and had a legendary passion for ice cream.

In May 2021, at the age of ~10, Lilah was diagnosed with Lymphoma. Through a combination of eastern and western medicine, Lilah fought the cancer for 8 months to the awe and bafflement of the veterinary professionals involved in her care. 

But we, like so many others, had to say goodbye to our sweet girl on December 22, 2021 leaving an irreplaceable hole in our pack and our hearts. 

Lilah was the catalyst for everything that we do. Pack Potential evolved out of the information and training we sought to set Lilah up for success. Lilah's Legacy, a micro rescue, was formed in our Lilah’s honor to continue to rehabilitate and rescue dogs in memory of her and every dog our community has had to say goodbye.



Our Dearest Lilah,

You changed our lives forever. We are so incredibly grateful for the time that we had with you. We think of you, honor you, and miss you every day. 

Until we meet again, sweet girl.

Abigail "Abiwhale" Peyton



Abigail came to us as a foster and right from the start she was a sweet, gentle, docile puppy and had this incredible spirit that you felt immediately.


After some concerning symptoms arose that pointed to a possible underlying health issue she underwent a number of tests. It was discovered, likely due to backyard breeding and a lack of basic medical care she had an undetected congenital condition. An illness that with proper veterinary care can be managed and result in many years of a normal life, her kidneys never fully developed, and at just 6 months old, she was in late stage kidney failure. 

When her life should have just been getting started, she left us with dignity and grace on September 11, 2020 surrounded love and peace. 

Thank you for choosing us, for loving us, and for letting us love you right back. Run wild and romp free, our little wing.
You are forever loved. 

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