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Lilah’s Legacy

Dedicated to Lilah.We miss you everyday. 



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A not-for-profit, trainer run rescue, Lilah’s Legacy was formed in memory of our best girl, Lilah, to continue save, rehabilitate and connect dogs their forever homes.

On March 27, 2018 Jane and Hannah finalized the adoption of a 7-year old stray German Shepherd found on the streets of Los Angeles by Wags and Walks.

Her name was Lilah.
We were blessed with four life changing years with Lilah filled with unparalleled companionship, unbridled adventure, endless laughter and, above all, unconditional love. 

After an 8-month battle with lymphoma, our Lilah passed away on December 22nd, 2021. Her loss was felt by all she met both across the country and around the world. We miss her every day, but her story would not end here.

As the catalyst for our involvement in rescue efforts and the training community in Los Angeles, Lilah enabled us to help 100+ rescue dogs during her lifetime. After her passing, we felt there was no better way to honor her and continue her legacy by forming a rescue of our own – Lilah’s Legacy.

To support our rescue efforts and honor Lilah, you can shop our Amazon Wishlist for essential items needed for our rescues and fosters or donate via the buttons below to sponsor our adoptable pups.

Check out our adoptable dogs! If you’re interested in adopting please fill out the adoption inquiry and we will reach out to discuss in further detail. If you don’t see the dog you’re interested in please still complete the adoption inquiry and we can assist you in finding the right match!  

Thank you for your support.

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